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How Much Does Microblading & Permanent Makeup Cost?

Updated: Nov 1

Microblading is one of the most popular permanent makeup solutions for eyebrows. Though it’s a longer-lasting process than some other solutions, it doesn’t last forever.

While you’ll save money long-term compared to upkeep of other treatments, upfront costs may concern you, especially when considering touch-ups and maintenance.

Today, we’re taking the mystery out of the cost of microblading and other permanent makeup treatments. We’ll discuss factors that impact the price and what you can do to get the most out of your service.

What affects the cost of microblading?

Like most cosmetic services, microblading prices range depending on where you live. Your artist should give you a good idea of what you’ll pay when you book your appointment. Various factors make this a more costly option than others such as a brow tint or lamination, but it’s worth it!

What state are you in?

Depending on your state, the price of microblading, powder brows, microshading and other treatments can vary. In the state of Wisconsin, an individual tattooist and tattoo establishment license are required.

Evolving techniques and staying up to date with them mean your artist may have thousands of dollars invested in their training before seeing you. It is also extremely important your PMU artist is trained in proper safety and sanitation practices, as there can be blood exposure. For an artist who’s just starting out, you may pay less than one who’s more experienced.

Your brow artist must pay fees to the state just to open their doors. This gets rolled into the price you pay when you go in for your appointment. Accreditation is just one of these costs. Equipment must also be inspected to ensure they’re up to code.

Beyond that, the cost of living can also change what you’ll pay at the studio. The market will bear higher prices for goods and services in areas with a higher cost of living. The reverse is also true when looking at locations with a lower cost of living.

How much are the tools that are being used?

Another significant factor affecting the cost of microblading and permanent makeup is the equipment. With the nature of the treatment many items used during the procedure are single-use. Your technician can invest up to $1000 on a quality machine that is used to implant the ink. After that, they invest another few hundred dollars a month in supplies. All this is before booth fees or other rental costs for their place of business.

How experienced is your microblading artist?

Experienced artists are more likely to have a body of work you can see and trust. Board-certified artists command higher prices because they’re more likely to provide you with the results you're looking for. They’ve also passed exams and have licenses to give you the best quality possible.

That’s not to say you won’t find a highly skilled technician with less experience. They’re just harder to find.

Does your insurance cover microblading?

Generally speaking, insurance doesn’t cover an esthetician's work because it’s considered elective and cosmetic. Unless it’s medically necessary, you’ll pay out of pocket for your services.

The cost of aftercare products can affect the overall cost of microblading

Once you’ve gone through the process of having your eyebrows microbladed, you’ll want to make them last. Proper aftercare isn’t ridiculously expensive, but it is included in the service price.

Your artist may recommend touch-ups at six to eight weeks. Some include these in the original cost of the treatment. If your esthetician charges separately for touch-ups, they’re usually around $150.

How to make sure you get the best results from microblading

Getting the best results from this procedure is in your best interest. You can do a few things to ensure you get exactly what you want.

All skin types have the opportunity for some form of permanent makeup. Even if you have oily or dry skin, powder brows and microshading are available to you!

Do not get chemical peels after microblading

Chemical peels remove superficial layers of dead skin cells and promote healthy growth. They can negatively impact microbladed skin because they cause the pigments to metabolize faster. Wait until after your final touch-ups before undergoing any chemical peels.

Use sunscreen to avoid sun damage

UV rays compromise the integrity of the coloring in your brows. Use at least a 30 SPF sunscreen when you’re outdoors. You can include SPF in your skincare routine to protect against accidental exposure. While these are a few examples of ways you can extend the life of your new brows, you can read all about aftercare and the healing process!

Research your permanent makeup provider

Because this is a semi-permanent application, spend some time checking out your provider. Reputable artists have portfolios online, and social media where you can see examples of their work. You can also look for reviews of their work to see what other clients say about them.

When you go in for your initial appointment, they should discuss the look you want and help you find the perfect brow shape.

Cosmic Beauty Studio is the place for Wisconsin’s best permanent makeup!

Cosmic Beauty Studio’s microblading and powder brow services include in-depth skin analysis and brow mapping. We’re committed to providing you with the best experience and want you to love your new eyebrows. Our board-certified artist uses a single-needle tattoo machine for ultimate precision. Together, we’ll find the perfect brows for your aesthetic goals.

Check out our website to schedule your initial appointment today!

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