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microblading milwaukee

Morgan Photo Co.

Board-Certified Microblading in Milwaukee

At Cosmic Beauty Studio, Michelle only uses a handheld machine with a single needle that gently glides over the skin, creating tiny pixels or hair-strokes. Unlike traditional microblading that cuts the skin, machine work is less traumatic to the skin, less painful and longer lasting. Your artist will discuss your preferences and make suggestions on what style will look most natural for you. Microblading/shading can last 1-3 years (depending on skin type/lifestyle/before & aftercare) and is suitable for all skin types especially mature, sensitive, and oily. They can be easily customized to be light, airy & natural or bold, dark & crisp.


Initial Session $600 Investment Includes:

Consultation & Skin Analysis 

Custom Eyebrow Mapping & Color Match

Aftercare Kit

To learn more about how this service can be personalized to your unique facial features,

schedule a complimentary consultation today.


microshading milwaukee

Morgan Photo Co.

Perfecting Session $150

Permanent makeup is a two-step process. Touch ups are done 6-8 weeks after the initial session to prolong the results and bring the look full circle. This session focuses on adding more detail and making minor adjustments to perfect the brows.

microblading touch up

Click the link above to read through all before and aftercare before booking your appointment.

microblading session

Morgan Photo Co.

**All first time clients are considered an initial session. An in-person consultation is required if you have permanent makeup done by another artist, regardless of how faded it may be.**

Ready for your dream brows?

Complimentary consultations are available and encouraged for permanent makeup appointments. This gives an opportunity for you to check out the space, meet your artist, go over all appointment details and rule out any contraindications.

“It's the next day and even though I'm told my brows are not at their peek perfection yet, I am BEYOND THRILLED with them. I cannot imagine how spectacular they will be after they are completely healed. Highly recommend!!”

Emilee R.

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