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Powder Brows vs Microblading: Which Is Right for You?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Love the look of full, natural brows, but not sure whether or not to invest in powder brows or microblading? We’ve broken down the differences between these two brow treatments and are happy to go over how each process can save time getting ready and enhance the natural beauty of your face.

What are powder brows?

Many of us may be aware of the art of microblading, but what about powder brows? If you’re not familiar, powder brows are a form of cosmetic tattooing that create a soft, powdery effect that resembles the application of makeup. So, how does it work? Your permanent makeup artist will use a machine similar to a traditional tattoo machine to deposit ink into the skin. Just like tattoos, the shape and color is completely customizable, making it a completely tailored brow experience.

Your artist uses a machine similar to a traditional tattoo machine but instead of a coil system these brow machines use a simplified motor system catered towards permanent makeup, allowing the machine to be lighter overall.

The procedure of powder brows

Not familiar with the process of permanent makeup brow treatments? We’re here to walk you through the process of getting powder brows from start to finish.

To begin, your artist will start with a consultation to go over your medical history, as well as your goals for your brows. Once you get on the table, your artist will take a close look at your skin and determine what style and techniques will best suit your skin type and natural brow. Before the procedure begins, brow mapping is performed. We always stay close to the client’s natural eyebrow, because it’ll look the most natural and be easiest to maintain. Cosmic Beauty Studio uses the string method where clients lay down, sit up, check in a mirror and double check with a mapping app. Nothing ever moves forward without client approval. We can always make the brows thicker at the touch up, so we err on the thinner side for the first session.

From there, your artist will begin the powder brow process of using a single needle to deposit small amounts of ink in the form of tiny dots. The full process will usually take around three to four passes. Once completed, your artist will go over how to care for the brows, as well as what to expect in the realm of the healing process and touch up appointments.

What is microblading?

In the same vein of permanent makeup is the commonly known process of microblading. The goal for this service is to replicate hair to further fill out and define your eyebrows. In addition to a change in style, microblading has a different application process than what happens when you get powder brows. Instead of a machine, each individual hair stroke is created by a handheld blade that deposits the ink into the skin.

The procedure of microblading

Overall, the procedure of microblading is incredibly similar to the process that happens when achieving powder brows. The primary difference is that instead of making small dots by a machine, a handheld is used to create thin, hair-like lines by cutting the skin.

Comparing powder brows vs microblading

Now that you have an idea of what each process entails, let’s get to know the pros and cons that separate each treatment.

microblading vs powder brows

Firstly, powder brows fade evenly within the skin. Microblading, on the other hand, will not fade as evenly and may even begin to blur over time. If this turns out to be the case, those who are used to microblading may need to rely on powder brows moving forward. Overall, the process of getting powder brows is more sustainable long term when compared to its sister service.

What similarities are there between the two treatments?

Both treatments offer a wide range of customizable styles and colors based on your needs and eyebrow goals. Both treatments also have the same overall objective: fuller, more symmetric brows with long-lasting results.

What are the differences between the services?

The primary difference between the two services is the tool being used. The results of microblading can be replicated with machine work without the additional trauma to the skin that a microblade may cause.

What are combo brows?

Do you know that you can have the best of both worlds? Combo brows combine the natural look of microblading, with the softness of a powder brow. If you’re set on microblading, consider a combo brow over a fully microbladed set.

Commonly asked questions about permanent makeup

Does the process of permanent makeup hurt?

Powder brows/machine shading is far less painful than microblading. With machine shading your artist will use extremely light pressure, lightly gliding over the skin.

Are microblading and powder brows permanent?

While both processes are considered permanent, they will eventually fade with time. Over the years the ink will break down within the skin and begin to slowly fade – this is intentional. Eyebrow shapes and looks have a tendency to change over the years, so this gives you the ability to customize your look down the line.

Which lasts longer: microblading or powder brows?

The simple answer? Powder brows! Due to the simplicity of the application, powder brows maintain their color and uniformity for longer. Read more on how long microblading lasts here.

How often will you need touch-ups for each treatment?

When it comes to maintenance, microblading will need to be touched up more often than powder brows as their average is 12-18 months. Powder brows generally need a touch-up every 18-24 months.

Cosmic Beauty Studio provides the best permanent makeup experience in Wisconsin!

Cosmic Beauty Studio is Wisconsin’s premier destination for permanent makeup. At our studio, you'll always find the highest quality permanent makeup experience and products with a strong regard for your comfort and safety. I can't wait to work with you – feel free to book your appointment online, today!

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