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Powder Brows: Fuller, Natural-Looking Microblading Alternative

Thinning eyebrows are a common concern that have a variety of treatments. Some choose to pencil them in or use makeup to give the illusion of fuller brows.

Permanent makeup is another solution that has lasting effects. Microblading is the most common, but a different approach may be better for you.

Powder brows are less invasive and have a more natural, finished look. Today, we’re looking at what this option is and how it might be a better fit for your aesthetic goals.

What are powder brows?

On the surface, getting powder brows looks similar to microblading. Your esthetician uses a needle in a hand-held device to deposit pigment under the skin, filling in your thinning eyebrows.

Some find them more aesthetically pleasing because they don’t just try to mimic hair. Using a combination of dots and lines, brow artists fill in sparse brows with pigment. The finished product looks natural. You’ll have fuller, more luxurious-looking eyebrows in no time!

powder brows

The benefits of powder brows

When you go in for this procedure, your brow artist can use a variety of shades to achieve the look you want. By pixelating the area, a more natural look may be achieved. Instead of going back in and filling in the area with makeup as you might after microblading, you’ve got everything there already!

Sometimes called ombre brows, this approach allows you to fade colors together to achieve your desired look. Instead of lots of heavy lines, you’re getting a more balanced approach with better results.

Skin types that aren’t good candidates for microblading benefit from powder brows. And if you’ve been turned away from microblading because of oily skin, this is a perfect replacement. Also, aging skin with less collagen responds well.

What’s the process of powder brows like?

When you go in to have powder brows applied, it’s similar to microblading. You should avoid facials and chemical peels ahead of your appointment. Also, make sure to skip the Botox and filler injections in the month prior.

Anti-acne products and serums with retinoids can make this procedure a no-go! If you’re on these medications, you’ll need to take a break before getting ombre brows.

On the day before your session, skip coffee and alcohol, as they can cause swelling and bleeding.

When you’re in the office, your esthetician will go through brow mapping with you. This process ensures that you get the look you’re hoping for when they're finished.

You won’t feel more than pressure during the session after the numbing gel is applied. Then, using a handheld needle device, they’ll implant the pigment in the form of pixels or dots.

Fair warning: the new brows will look much darker right after application. This isn’t how they’ll look when healed.

Once they're done with your new brows, you should care for them like a tattoo. Wash them with the provided soap and apply aftercare balm with a Q-tip or clean finger twice a day for seven days.

In four to six weeks, you’ll have a good idea of your final look.

Comparing powder brows to microblading

The goal of microblading is to mimic natural hair with the pigment. Your brows will have un-colored skin between the marks. If you desire, you can still apply makeup to them to fill them out.

Powder brows give you a complete look that doesn’t need makeup. Working with your brow artist, you’ll develop your ideal look. When you roll out of bed in the morning, your eyebrows will be ready to face the day!

How to care for your powder brows

Aftercare is important when you’ve had any cosmetic procedure done. Following the steps we outlined earlier is necessary for proper healing. However, you must treat them with care once they've fully healed.

Making them last longer has a little to do with genetics and a lot to do with prevention. Your body naturally metabolizes the pigments, some faster than others.

Use an SPF foundation or sunblock daily to protect them from fading over time. Also, avoid smoking and tanning, as they can prematurely age your skin.

powder brows before and after

How long does it take for powder brows to heal?

Powder brows heal fully in four to six weeks. Usually, your artist will book a touch-up at six to eight weeks to make any adjustments. Remember, your eyebrows will look much darker immediately after your session.

How long do powder brows last?

With the proper aftercare and maintenance, you can expect your powder brows to last up to two years. After your first touch-up at six to eight weeks, your look will slowly fade over time.

When do you need a touch-up for your powder brows?

As we mentioned, you’ll need a touch-up after your initial session to fill in the look. After that, you’ll want to schedule maintenance with your artist about every 18-24 months.

If your body doesn’t metabolize the pigments quickly, your initial results could last up to three years!

Cosmic Beauty Studio helps you achieve your dream brows!

At Cosmic Beauty Studio, we recognize how important your eyebrows are to you. Beyond communicating emotion, they help frame your face. Thinning brows aren’t something you just have to live with. Our brow artists can help you realize your aesthetic dreams!

Check out our website for our complete list of services, and book your powder brows consultation today!

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