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What is a Keratin Lash Lift? Achieve Healthy, Naturally Curled Lashes

Keratin lash lifts are a natural, low-impact solution to thin, lifeless eyelashes. Usually, you’d have to spend time every day with a curler and mascara to achieve the same look.

Longer lasting than lash extensions and easier to maintain than falsies, the lash lift process makes your eyes pop!

Pair the treatment with a tinting application, and you can throw that mascara to the curb. We’re exploring keratin lash lifts and the surprising benefits the procedure gives to your lashes.

What is a keratin lash lift?

Like most perm-based treatments, traditional lash lifts use harsh chemicals to relax the strands. Most formulas include alkaline salts, thioglycolate, and acids to break down the hair structure. Thioglycolate, the funky-smelling ingredient in most perm solutions, is a known corrosive!

Around the eyes, estheticians must use special care to ensure you’re protected.

Keratin lash lifts leave out the nasty stuff. Instead, they infuse and condition, leaving you with healthy, smooth lashes. This process infuses your eyelashes with vitamins and proteins.

Why is a keratin lash lift better than most lash lift products?

The formula applied to your lashes during a keratin lift is clinically proven to strengthen and hydrate your lashes. After a few sessions, you’ll appreciate longer, stronger lashes. One major point of difference with keratin lash lifts is that it doesn’t have the possibility of over processing. Other lash lift systems can over process and make your lashes dry and crinkly.

How long do the results last?

After a keratin lash lift, the results stick around. Follow your esthetician’s instructions, and the results can last up to eight weeks! Depending on how porous your hair is, you may need to revisit the salon sooner than that.

Because there’s no damage, it’s a healthy way to keep your lashes looking great!

What are the benefits of a keratin lash lift?

Traditional lash lifts use alkaline formulas to break down the structure of the hair before setting. Keratin lifts are proven to keep your eyelashes healthy.

Keratin-solutions are full of beneficial ingredients

You’ll get vitamins and proteins that strengthen and encourage growth. Amino acids encourage your hair to grow, and you’ll love the longer fuller look. Additionally, your lashes won’t experience any damage during the process.

You will leave your session with natural looking results

Eyelash extensions and fake lashes don’t look natural. They might be great for a dramatic look or if you don’t have natural lashes at all. But, after a keratin lash lift, you’ll have natural-looking eyelashes that just keep going.

There is not a lot of maintenance needed for a keratin lash lift

Once you’ve had this treatment, the results are immediate. There’s very little upkeep, with few aftercare instructions necessary to maintain your results. Most encourage you to stay away from oil-based makeup products around your eyes. Oil breaks down the keratin and can make your lift break down sooner.

keratin lash lift

How do you get the most out of your results?

This no-fuss lash treatment is easy to keep up with. Other than avoiding certain products, you can add a few things to prolong the look. These are our favorite aftercare tips!

Keep any irritants away for at least 2 days

For the first 48 hours after your treatment, keep your lashes dry. Avoid mascara, makeup remover, cleansers, and even water. This allows the formula to deeply penetrate your hair and provide a lasting look.

Add a lash serum to your nightly routine

Add a conditioning lash serum to your routine two weeks before your touch-up or lash lift appointment. For best results, use your serum every night. This way, when you go in for your session, your lashes are in optimal health.

Refer to your esthetician for any questions

Your esthetician is the best source of information for any questions. Not only do they want you to love your new lashes, they want to ensure you’re educated about the process. As a lash lift professional, they’ve got the facts!

Cosmic Beauty Studio is here to help make your lashes look stunning!

Cosmic Beauty Studio is committed to a holistic approach to beauty, from top to bottom! We love helping our clients get the most out of their natural beauty. Skipping the harsh chemicals lets us pamper your sensitive lashes, leaving them healthy and strong.

We offer several treatments for around the eyes that you’ll want to explore. Check out our website today and look at all the services we offer!

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